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Many states are implementing orders to help keep the public safe during this time of crisis, preventing the spread of coronavirus. Disinfecting and sanitizing is top priority for everyone of course, but for businesses that service the public and rely upon walk in traffic the stakes are even higher. 

For those businesses that have been deemed as essential and are allowed to stay open, the challenge of keeping patrons and employees safe on a day to day basis is very challenging. This can include some residential areas and universities as well.

Finer Touch Cleaning provides services to many communities in the greater Concord NH area. FTC has established a system and guidelines for commercial cleaning clients who require regular cleaning and disinfecting.  The demand has continued to grow since the beginning of the pandemic. The importance of regular deep cleaning can’t be overstated and business owners need help getting it done.

We are working extra hard to help everyone get through this difficult time and have created affordable packages that make it easier for businesses to receive top to bottom disinfecting on a regular basis.

If you or someone you know could benefit from regular professional cleanings to keep employees and visitors safe, please give us a call.